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Digital Preservation conference notes

Really enjoyed this year's Digital Preservation conference in Washington DC- the annual meeting of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and the National Digital Stewardship Alliance. It proved to be a good variety of perspective and types of libraries/archives/museums/repositories throughout.

I've put together some of my notes below that might be of interest for others- Enjoy! I hope to get the chance to return to the conference down the road sometime.

Tuesday, July 22nd

An Overview of NDSA Advancing the Capacity to Preserve our Nation's Digital Resources, National Digital Steward Alliance, Micah Altman (presentation slides)

No-one needs digital preservation for its own sake (the hardware/tools/platforms), but rather for the long-haul. Equation to scientific research needs a cumulative, traceable evidence base, as such we need long-term access to information in order to communicate to future generations and further build on knowledge bases.

"People don'…