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Digital Daily Kent Staters- 1980s are now live

We have just loaded the digital issues of the Kent Stater from January 1980 to December 1989. This adds another 20,000 pages to the digital archive, and we are anticipating having the 1990s up before the end of the year. Check back for more updates, and enjoy gems like coverage of the Michael Stanley band from the spring of 1980.

Check it out here.

Russian doll effect in digital libraries

I've heard a few presentations from Jim Bradley (Head of Metadata and Digital Initiatives at Ball State) over the years on the idea of the Russian Doll effect in digital libraries. This has been an intriguing premise to me- How can we effectively assess and track how our digital collections are living beyond the scope of the repository, and further, how can we track this type of scholarship? Surely this process would display the value and importance of open digital collections, and also indicate how scholarship is influenced and created through these collections.

The elusiveness of digital media can be a curious one to try to ponder and capture effectively, but I think what is interesting to me, is how users can repurpose, repackage and bundle information into new contexts. Bradley has spoken about a project where students used drawings from the Pierre and Wright Architectural Records and created new designs and 3D objects from the original drawings. The digital library then soug…