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Digital Projects in the works

We are currently in the works on a number of digital projects here at Kent State this fall. We have a number of projects in queue for scanning, and over the summer we were able to:
Review and collate the 1970s decade of the student newspaper, the Daily Kent Stater. The volumes have been organized and shipped out for scanning (Photo below)Set up a student work station for a Digital Projects student assistant to begin work this fall semesterBegan work on new Image Galleries for our Digital Commons instance, with the second gallery completed last week highlighting video content from the Kent State University Museum. We will have some sample of the Grimshaw fabric swatch collection up in the coming weeks that was mentioned in a previous blog post.Plan to add a crowdsourcing OCR correction piece for our digital Daily Kent Stater platform. Details to come later in the year.

Can you believe these boxes contain over 16,000 pages that will be scanned, encoded and put up online in the coming mo…