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Daily Kent Stater and new May 4 content up!

Over the winter break, we were busy getting another decade of the student newspaper online, as well as some truly unique audio material from the May 4 Collection.
Visit to browse the new decade (1990s).
As well, we also have added many unique reel-to-reel audio recordings from the May 4 collection to our May 4 Digital Archive. These are quite fascinating- with many live radio broadcasts from the hours, days and weeks after the shootings as well as many public hearings, and I can truly say that it is very easy to get lost in these recordings. Some of the recently digitized items include previously inaccessible audio recordings of radio call-in forums, a speech by University President Robert I. White the day after the shootings, a press conference with six students who met with President Richard M. Nixon just days after the shootings, the Scranton Commission hearings, and a speech made by Dick Gregory at the Kent State Memorial Service in 1971.We are quite exc…